"The Clock Fixer" Repair of Antique and Modern Clocks

The Clock Fixer - Repair of Antique and Modern Clocks

Repairing clocks in the Denver metropolitan area for over 35 years.  Including Parker, Castle Rock, Aurora, and the surrounding areas. We do house calls!

Specializing in:
Early American, German, and English clocks (Hour & 1/2 hour strike clocks)
Cuckoo clocks (both 1, 2, & 3 weight)
400 day/Anniversary clocks
Grandfather clocks (Certified Howard Miller & Ridgway service center)

Tall clocks, Shelf clocks, Wall regulators, School clocks, American banjos, Mantle clocks, Advertising, Animated, Anniversary, Banjo Beehive, Black Mantel, Calendar, China/Porcelain, School House, Kitchen, Longcase/Grandfather, Mission, Mystery, Novelty, Ogee, Pillar & Scroll, Shelf, Skeleton, Steeple, Tambour, Vienna Regulator,

Most manufacturers including Junghans, Schatz, New Haven, Ansonia, Ingraham, Waterbury, Ugos, Hermle, Seth Thomas, Sessions, Kieninger just to name a few!

Ansonia Kitchen Alarm Clock

In for repair is an Ansonia kitchen clock with alarm.  Below is a picture of the clock as it was brought into the shop. 
A nice looking clock.  Basically in good shape.  The wooden case was dry and the face showed a little wear.  This clock was made about 1890 showing a patent date of June 18,1882.  Click this link for a brief history of the Ansonia Clock Company.  These kitchen clocks before the 20th century were usually made of oak.  After 1900 most clocks were made of pressed wood making unique designs.  The pre-1900 clocks were called "Oakies".  These kitchen clocks usually had a label on the back of the case.  This label identifies the model of  the clock.  Unfortunately, the label on this one has worn off.  There are similar case styles like the "Beaver", "Australia", & the "Amazon" which have similar characteristics but the cases are very different.  The similarities include Roman numerals and nickel trim with a nickel pendulum.  The …

Seth Thomas 89 movement with a 4 1/2 inch pendulum

In for repair is a Seth Thomas 89 movement.  Follow this link for a general history of the Seth Thomas Clock Company.  To properly repair this movement requires specialized tools to disassemble, repair bushings, polish pivots, and in this case rebuild a complete pivot.  More on this later.

Here is the movement as it was received:
Front Back Notice the bell and strike hammer are missing
The mainsprings were clamped so the power is taken off the gearing.  This is done for easy disassemble and to accurately ascertain the condition of the pivot holes.
Here is a short video showing how much wear was in the pivot holes .
These next two images are again the front and back of the movement.  There are 14 pivot holes that were sloppy and egg shaped that are in need of repair (bushings).  The holes have been marked with a RED marker.

Diagnosing a repair with the movement together shows almost everything that could be wrong with the clock.  Every once in a while, a discovery is made that is not ex…

Seikosha Japanese Time & Strike Wall Clock

The Seikosha company first started making clocks in 1892.  The quality of these clocks ranked comparable to the American clock industry of that era.  Most people know the Seiko brand as a maker of watches.  They started out manufacturing clocks.  Here is a little history of the Seikosha company

And now for the explanation of the repair.  Here is a picture of the clock upon arrival.
And a closeup of the clock face.  The logo on the face is the same logo stamped on the movement.
As stated, the movement is similar in quality as many of the American brands.  The customer stated that it is his favorite clock and an unbelievable timekeeper.  It has ran for years without any service.

Upon removal of the hands and face, the movement is exposed.  It was dirty and oily.  Notice the rusted chime gong.  The gong was cleaned using steal wool.

When I see a movement that is very dirty and oily I suspect significant wear.  This was not an exception.  Interesting that the clock still ran with all the…

Ingraham Mantle Clock

Here we have an Ingraham mantle clock.  This clock wanted to run when it was brought into the shop.  But it could not.  Removing the movement from the case showed that it was very dry.  It has not run in a very long time.  The movement was not too dirty but showed significant wear.
The picture below shows the movement apart with the worn pivot holes marked.
This image shows 14 pivot holes needing rebuilding.

Here is the movement cleaned and ready for assembly.

Once the clock has been assembled.  I run the movement outside of the case to make sure the movement is performing as it was designed.  Here is a short video of the movement running.  As you can see the motion (pendulum swing) is very good.  
Here is a picture after the case has been oiled.The case was wiped with a moist cloth before wood oil was applied.  The cloth was full on what looked like brown "yuck".  This "yuck" is a result of cigarette smoke.
(show completed clock in video ticking and striking)

Yes we do Quartz/Battery Movement Replacements

Yes we do Quartz/Battery Movement Replacements!
We do everything from time only small wall and desk clocks to large 2-3 foot wall clocks.  With pendulum and/or music.
Today we have a "Horse Clock".  This is a unique clock in that it is completely porsilian.  The original movement runs on AC power.  The customer wanted to hang the clock on the wall without the wire showing.  He wanted a battery clock.
No Problem
Here is the clock front and back as it came into the shop
Here is the clock after a new movement has been installed.
The case is always cleaned or wiped down and all movement replacements come with a fresh battery.  The general turnaround time is no later than 2 days with the exception if the movement is not in inventory, it would have to be ordered.  This does take a few days.
Follow this link for my general clock repair estimates.

My Grandfather's Clock - Tennesse Ernie Ford 1959

Clock Trivia - "My Grandfather's Clock" was first published in 1922.  These renditions are sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford, Johnny Cash, and Burl Ives.

Sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford
 Johnny Cash
 Burl Ives

Tennesse Ernie Ford - The booming baritone voice of Tennessee Ernie Ford was best known for his 1955 cover of Merle Travis' grim coal-mining song "Sixteen Tons," watered down by the dulcet strains of a Hollywood studio orchestra but retaining its innate seriousness thanks to the sheer power of Ford's singing. But there was more to Tennessee Ernie Ford than that. Over his long career, Ford sang everything from proto-rock & roll to gospel, recorded over 100 albums, and earned numerous honors and awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian award. His popularity and recognition transcended country music, and he was among the earliest and most successful "crossover" artists to come out of country music.

Clock Service Calls are like a working vacation

Most of my service calls are within the Denver metropolitan area.  Every once in a while I get to travel out of town.  This particular call was south of Castle Rock almost to Larkspur.  Located in the wide open spaces of the front range.  I feel lucky to be able to travel to new and interesting places.  Here are some pictures of these wide open spaces.