Korn Kabin
Located  8,635 feet above sea level in Park County Colorado.  98 miles and 2 hours SW of Denver.  The cabin sits on a one acre lot but backs up to national forest land.  Deer, bear, and all sorts of smaller animals and birds can be seen from the deck of the cabin.  There are two private fishing lakes with paddle boats to borrow to get that unique boating adventure.  Other recreational items include hiking trails and wonderful views.  For those who just like to sit and watch nature, listen to the birds chirp this video is just for you.  Humming birds are an added treat.  Follow this link for a short video of a humming bird feeding just 2 feet from the front door.
Map of the area around the cabin.  The arrow points to the cabin location

For driving suggestions and directions <<click here>>

Here is the same map but a satellite view

There are plenty.  Check out the views below.  We even have electrictiy.  
Here's proof!

A new Bar-B-Que grill cooks up perfect meals
It even makes hot dogs look good

Check out these pics
A view looking east

Lunch on the lake with the duchess of  Kornville

A view looking east from the cabin.  Can you guess what that little box is for?

The Korn Kabin yacht

Late in the day.  The lake is only 200 yards from the cabin

Another fine view

A view from the boat dock.  We have a small row boat but there are other paddle boats to borrow at the dock

A view on the lake looking west

This view is from the inlet.  The cabin is just about 200 yards down the valley

This is the 2nd lake.  A nice easy hike around around the lake

A view from where the car is parked

This is the front of the cabin

and the back

This is the side of the cabin.  Note: the stairs coming off the front

The back of the cabin.  When laws allow, there is a nice fire pit right outside the cabin

Another side view of the cabin

Looking east off the cabin front deck

Another great view off the front deck

A view inside looking up at the loft

The living room, kitchen, and curtain door to the bedroom

The front door with windows

The bedroom

Gone Fishing - You need a badge but no Colorado fishing license. 
The badges can be found next to the stairs
Don't go fishing without it!

More great views of the cabin can be found once you get there

Are you wondering what animals can be found at the cabin?  Below are an assortment of pictures.  This camera is a wild life camera that is motion sensitive.  Some of the images were taken during the day but the best/scariest pictures happen at night!

Deer are everywhere in Colorado.  It should be an everyday occurance by now. But no, it is a treat to see deer and more deer.  The summer of 2020 the deer population has increased.  Here is a picture of a deer 200 feet from the cabin on 

Did someone say humming birds.  They are there and they are hungry.  Just look -> Watch

The camera was positioned just 10 feet from the front of the cabin.

This does not look like a house cat, or could it?

A brown bear


Rusty Roy even got into the act

Does anyone smell something?


Winters at the cabin are very cold.  Roads are plowed up to a point.  Here is a picture of  the next duchess of Kornville in the front of the cabin in mid January 2020.  A very beautiful scene:

Shabbat at the cabin is so relaxing. Check it out!