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Hickory Dickory Dock, the Cuckoo Clock fell off the Wall

In for repair is a 2 weight, 8 day cuckoo clock that has fallen off a wall. Thank goodness there was only minor damage to the clock.  Here is a picture of the clock when it was brought to the shop.... ....and the image below is all the pieces that  were broken off: Not a hard repair.   The hardest part here is where to attach these pieces.  To resolve this mystery, I had to put on my private eye hat and check the glue marks on the case and match up the bottoms of the broken pieces with the size of the glue marks on the case.  Fortunately, all the pieces were different sizes and the glue marks although faint were there.  All the pieces were reattached in their proper location.  The only piece that was not obvious was the ladder.  With the small footprint of the ladder, there was not an obvious location for it's location.  This ladder was the last piece attached.  There was not a location that seemed "Right".  I decided to place it on the side of the case.  Th

Kiennger & Obergfell - Kundo Mini Anniversary Clock

In for repair is a miniature Kundo 400 day / Anniversary Clock with a Kiennger & Obergfell movement.  Upon delivery to the shop the customer stated movement has not run in a very long time. Observations: 1)  The movement was dry and dusty. 2)  The mainspring was fully wound. Removing the plastic suspension spring protector on the back side of the movement uncovered a problem with the suspension spring.  The spring was spun way too much causing the spring to curl.  See below.  The arrow depicts the spring. Here is a picture of the spring removed from the movement As "they" say, WOW The suspension spring needed replacement.  The Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide provided information on the specifications for the mainspring thickness (.058mm).  According the the repair guide, the movement was manufactured in 1974 and made in West Germany.  I do hedge on this  The movement was disassembled.  As mentioned before the plates and wheels were dry and dus