Seth Thomas #4505 Mantle Clock

In for repair is a Seth Thomas mantle clock.  This clock was in storage for a number of years and finally got discovered in Nebraska.  It was brought to me for repair.  At first look, it seemed in pretty good condition.  I could tell it has not been running in a long time.  This movement is similar to many Seth Thomas movements that strike the hour and half hour.  Most movements made by this manufacture are of the bim-bam type.  This movement just lifts two hammers and drops them when required.

Upon further observation and disassembly, the pivot holes were reasonably good along with the pivots.  Pivot inspection was performed.  All pivots were very smooth and the pivot holes were round and very little side shake was observed.  No bushing work needed on this one.  The movement was cleaned, assembled, adjusted, then oiled.  The case was oiled 3 times.  The first application the oil just soaked right into the wood.  The bezel was polished.  This polishing made a huge difference in the beauty of the clock.

Here are a couple pictures of the clock after repair:

It is now time for the clock to go back home.