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Clock Art

Clock wheels and gears are a work of art.  Once upon a service call on a Ridgway modern grandfather clock.  The customer stated the clock would stop at 12:30.  Initially on the phone was a little puzzling.  Upon arrival, noticed the problem right away.  The seconds indicator hand was rubbing on the hour hand.  This condition only comes in contact with each other when the hour hand would be pointing at the "12".  Here are 3 images of this condition.  As you can see the hands are touching.  Another interesting note is the beauty of the hands in relation to themselves and the clock face.

Gilbert model Altai circa 1874 Time & Strike

Wm. L. Gilbert model Altai circa 1874 Here we have a nice Wm. L. Gilbert time & strike parlor clock.  If your a historian and looking for a little more information about the Wm. Gilbert Clock Company, follow this link . This clock needed a lot of work.  The good thing about this everything it needed was easily done. Below is the clock as it was delivered.  The case was dusty and it looked like the clock has not had some TLC in a very long time. This clock is a Gilbert parlor clock model Altai.  I wish I was better at Wheel of Fortune to be able to figure out the 2nd letter on this label but with a little time and patience the letter is "L"!  Back to the clock,  the age of this clock according to the Antique Clock Price Guide is 1874 as verified by the label: Examination: The next step is to remove the hands, face, and movement from the case.  Very dirty on the inside and a significant amount of wear throughout the movement.  Click these two video lin