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Waterbury Tamber Mantle Clock

In for repair is an American Waterbury tamber time and strike mantle clock.  A nice looking mantle clock This clock was made around  the 1920-30's. Waterbury manufactured many clocks.  This one is a Boise model as seen by the label on the underside of the clock.  The 12922 could be the serial number of the clock: The problem is obvious with this clock, the time mainspring broke.   What is not obvious to this clock was any residual damage to wheels and pinions resulting from the mainspring breakage.  This damage will not be known until the movement has been taken apart.   Luckily, there was no damage to wheels and pinions of this clock.   The hardest part of this rebuild was removing the movement from the case.  The rest of the rebuild was very much routine.  After a few minutes, the movement was removed and the work commenced. There were 10 pivot holes that were warn.  The movement plates are made of steel.  Most clock plates are made from brass.  This w