Repair Philosophy 

Mike takes pride in doing the job right. Clock repair requires a methodical process of disassemble, cleaning worn parts such as pivots, pinions, pivot holes, etc. Each clock is unique and has different needs. Mike's estimates are done with care. He is thorough in his estimates. A complete overhaul of a clock requires the clock movement to be completely disassembled and all pivot and bushing work is performed. If clock wear is marginal, it is repaired. Nothing is left undone! Clicks, mainsprings, suspension springs, pallets, wheel teeth, etc. etc. are checked. If anything needs repair, it is repaired. No shortcuts! After the repair work is completed.

The entire movement is cleaned with high-grade clock cleaning solution, assembled, adjusted, oiled with hi-grade industrial clock oil, and tested until the clock runs as it was designed. While the movement is being tested, the case is undergoing cleaning, oiling, and general reconditioning. Only after this testing, the clock put back into the case and tested again.

For over 30 years Mike has operated a full service clock shop. Complete with lathes, mainspring winders, bushing tools, and ultrasonic cleaning. Mike uses the best oils and cleaning supplies available on the market today. He believes in keeping the history of a clock intact. He does repair these movements with approved industry standard techniques used by clock repairmen around the globe. If he finds a historical repair on a movement, he would weigh whether the repair was done efficiently and followed acceptable standards with positive results.

Mike uses a common sense vision of repairing a clock. Mike has found with his 35+ years of clock repair experience, it is better and quicker to do the job right than to take short cuts. Over those years of clock repair he has sold, restored, and repaired hundreds of clocks. Follow this link -> Repair Pricing for a general estimate of repair costs.

Mike respects the trade and takes pride in his work.

His dedication to the profession is paramount!