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Friedrich Mauthe Schwenningen Desk Clock

In for repair is a Mauthe desk clock.  This is a one day clock with a musical alarm.  Here is a closeup picture of the face.  Notice the logo, F M S and the eagle.  This is the logo for Friedrich Mauthe of  Schwenningen, Germany .  The town if famous for  Carnival celebrations. According to Wikipedia, Friedrich Mauthe's started the business in 1844.  His sons Christian (1845-1909) and Jakob (1847-1915) took over the management of the family business in 1876 . In 1886 Mauthe started manufacturing its own springs. In 1899 , the company made its own housing. Around 1900, alarm clocks , pendulum clocks, grandfather clocks, buffet clocks and office clocks were offered, at that time the number of employees was approximately 1,100.   For more information about the maker follow this link . The initial reported problem was that  the winding mechanism on the time side slipped.  After examination and disassembly, it was found that the click, click spring, & click wheel were damaged.

Gustov Becker - Delft Blue Holland Wall Clock

In for repair is a Gustov Becker Blue Delft Holland wall clock.  The movement is stamped with the Gustov Becker stamp marked Germany, this clock is an early 1900’s (1910) 8 day clock  movement.  The face depicts a native Holland scene in a Delft blue and white decoration. I believe this movement is slightly older than the early 1900's.  Notice there are no screws holding the plates together.  Only taper pins. More information about Gustov Eduard Becker .  His clock company . This image shows the movement removed from the case. Follow the arrows, the mainspring is removed.  It is easy to see the damaged click and the solder repair of the winding arbor and wheel.  This is not a good repair but is solid so the decision was to leave this repair intact. The mainspring let go because the click did not hold.  This could have caused even more damage to the movement.  This movement was lucky that no other wheels of the movement were damaged.  The image below shows the damaged cli