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E.N.Welch Kitchen Clock

In for repair is an E.N. Welch kitchen clock.  The clock was very dry and dusty with significant wear in the pivot holes.  A nice clock with a very upside in repair potential. For a brief history of the E.N. Welch clock company of Forestville, Conn. click << here >> .  This clock was manufactured about 1870-1880. Here is a picture of the clock as it came into the shop: and the stamped manufacturer Notice that the stop gear mechanism on the strike side is missing.  Both stop gears are present but on the strike side, not complete.  At one time, this part was removed.  I suspect that repairman could not adjust this part of the clock correctly.  Stop gears are used to maximize the best part of the mainspring in clocks.  In general, the most power is at the beginning of the wind and the least power is at the end.  These stop gears do not let the clock run past a certain point.   If the time side did not have the stop mechanism active, the clock would keep good time until the end