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KlockKit Grandfather Clock

There are many KlockKit grandfather clock kits purchased and built during the 1980's and 90's.  After 30-40 years of service, these clocks are in need of some TLC.  Here is an example of a grandfather clock with a circa 1982 Hermle movement.  The customer stated the clock was running faster and faster and stopped periodically.  The pendulum amplitude was not very good.  The sound of the clock was OK but not what it use to be. The clock was well cared for and was located in a clean relatively dust free environment.  After 38 years, there was a little grime in the pivots.  The pivot holes were very dry.  The clock was still operational even after so many years. One of the characteristics of this kit design was the only access point is from the back.  There problem with this access is chime hammers and adjustments of the verge are very hard when the case is set against the wall.  These two images demonstrates what could happen using the brail method to adjust the verge. Crutch for

Golden Historical Society - Ridgeway - Urgos Grandfather Movement

In for repair is a Ridgeway grandfather clock from the Golden History Museum in Golden Colorado.  This clock was located at the Woods Mortuary in Golden.  The clock will be on display at the Golden History Museum when completed.  Follow this link for more information about the clock and museum. Let's start off with a  short video of the old dirt and oil along with pivot wear of the back plate of the movement.  As you can see from this video the back chime and strike mechanisms have been removed.  This enabled a better look at the pivot hole wear and provided a better glimpse of the wear damage.  Check out the upper left arbor of this video.  Old dirty oil is oozing out of the pivot hole.  Notice all the pivot holes (15) that were worn were marked with a circle.  The movement was completely disassembled. All the wheel pivots were polished to make sure they were nice and smooth. The next video shows the smooth spinning of the escape wheel after rebuilding the pivot holes both upp