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Seth Thomas turn of the century mantle clock

 In for repair is a Seth Thomas mantle clock.  As you can see it has not run in a very long time.  The arrows pointing to A & B shows the veneer coming loose.  The circled area shows a rough area on the rim of the case.  There was no glass.  The case was very dry and the movement was just as dusty. This next image shows a closer look at the damaged brim. An added example of the length of time this clock was in storage is were a spider has made it's home inside the case right at the left top.  Note how dry and dusty the inside of the case is and how dry and dusty the clock movement is. and on the right another web.  Looks like it is too different spiders co-habitated. This is an image of the bottom of the case.  The label is still readable.  I was hoping that the model of this clock was shown.  Unfortunately, this label is just a general description of how to operate the clock. This image shows the movement out of the case.  It is obvious how dry and dusty this mechanism was A c

New Haven "Author" Mantle Clock

Here is a New Haven "Author" mantle clock in for repair.  New Haven manufacturing history goes back over 170 years.  Follow this link for more information . This particular clock dates back a little before 1930. Here is a picture of the clock as it was delivered.  Notice the face (#9) is damaged.  The face plate has come loose from the metal base.  There is no bezel or glass.  The case is very dry.  A new bezel with glass will be located and attached.  The back plate holding the face will be reattached.  The face will be replaced with a new paper dial.  The clock movement is dirty, dry, & needing pivot hole rebuild.  When this clock is complete, it should look like a much different clock. On the underside of the case there is a label in very good condition.  The model of this clock is the "Author" Another angle of the face A little dusty.  Notice the floor of the case.  The dust is very thick. The New Haven Logo The mechanism out of the case waiting to be disa

Sessions Store Regulator

In for repair is a Sessions regulator clock, time only.  The report from the customer was the clock does not run.  Just before it stopped running the minute hand would "flutter" for a few minutes i.e. run for about 20 minutes real fast.  Here is the picture of the clock as it arrived at the shop. The Sessions company has a long history of American clock makers.  Follow this link for a brief history of the company.  This image shows the manufacture's stamp.  I've circled a couple pivot holes that were worn and needed rebuilding.  6 pivot holes were rebuilt.  Follow this link for a short video showing pivot hole wear.  All the pivots were inspected and found a couple that were damaged.  These pivots were placed on the lathe using an emery stick and pivot polisher.  After this work the pivots were nice and smooth. This is another picture of the escape wheel and pivot hole.  This one was badly worn.  The "fluttering" mentioned above comes from the wear in this