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Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Damaged in Cross Country Move

This post is Howard Miller Grandfather Clock model 610-481.  This is an Urgos triple chime, cable weight driven, with moon dial, seconds indicator, beveled glass, with two doors, lyra pendulum, night shut off clock.  This clock was shipped cross country and was badly damaged.  This clock is approximately 30 years old.  Here is a picture of the label. Here is a list of the damage to the clock: 1)  Damage to the door frame - broken in 3 pieces.  The glass was in one piece. 2)  Movement seat (wood platform where the clock movement is attached to) one side of the seat was pushed to the back of the clock.  It was firmly jammed in the railing.  I have never seen this before.  No telling how this was able to happen. 3)  Chime rods significantly bent.  The initial thought was they would have to be replaced.  I was able to adjust the original rods satisfactory. 4)  Damage to outside of the case.  This was repaired. 5)  The clock movement is weight driven with cables attaching to the we