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Ansonia School House Clock

In for repair is an Ansonia School House Octagon clock .  The Ansonia company has a very rich history in the United States.  For more information on the Ansonia Clock Company, follow this << link >> Here are a couple images of the clock as it entered the shop.  This post describes the problems with this clock and the work performed to get it in excellent running condition. The bezel was not attached and the glass was very dusty. This image shows the bezel off.  The label on the face says "A. Claus Time"  This was perhaps a Jewelry/Clock/Watch repair shop. This image shows the clock with the face removed.  This particular model had the movement installed at an angle.  This is by design. Note the stamp of "Ansonia Clock Co." and the number "10".  This stamp tells us that the clock/movement was made in 1910. Clock repair can be like being an archaeologist.  Uncovering the historical past.  Here we see an interesting rep