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Gilbert Banjo Clock

In for repair is a Gilbert Banjo clock.  The clock was in good condition given the age of the clock.  The lacquer on the wood finish was starting bubble and the glass on the bottom rectangle of the clock has been replaced.  The original glass is usually a picture of tall ships with sails.  This glass physically looked new and was clear.  Click this link for a history of the Gilbert clock company. Yes, it is bent!  This was an interesting repair because there was a number of things the clock movement needed.  Here is a picture of the pendulum leader.  The adjustment of the leader worked to put the clock "In-Beat" but not a recommended adjustment.  Notice the radical bend in the leader: Below is an image of the repaired leader    The movement was dirty with very thick/old oil around most of the lantern pinions and pivots.  Upon further inspection there were 13 pivot holes that were worn.  There were a few that were very worn.  Check out these two videos showi