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E Howard Tower Clock South High School - Denver Colorado

E Howard Time only Tower Clock South High School in Denver Colorado has one of the few functioning tower clocks in Colorado.  This clock is an E. Howard from Boston Mass.  This clock was overhauled over 5 years ago by a group from the NAWCC Chapter 21.  I was a member of this group.   It was a privilege to work on this clock. The South High School Alumni Association contracted with me to be the caretaker of this clock.   Periodic oiling and general maintenance is performed at least 2 times per year. I want to share some picture of this clock along with a couple videos. Follow this link for a short video of the entire clock including turrets, movement, & platform -> link .  A closer look is a video of the escapement ->  link

Kienzel German Wall Clock

In for repair is a Kienzel wall clock.  Upon initial inspection, the clock was missing side glass and would not run.  Further inspection after disassembly showed one of the mainsprings broke at one time and a repair was attempted.  More details below: The side glass was replaced.  The glass used was single pane glass, custom cut. The minute hand with the center bushing missing: The minute hand attaches to the steel post not the brass canon pinion as shown below: Some parts can be purchased and some parts can't.  This is one that cannot.  A new bushing was turned and installed.  The following images describe the process: The brass rod used to fabricate the bushing. Machining the bushing The finished product, top & bottom Here is the image of the hands attached to the clock movement  Once the movement was disassembled, it was discovered that the mainspring was broken and riveted back together.  The only solution here is to r