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The Clock Fixer - Repair of Antique and Modern Clocks

Repairing clocks in the Denver metropolitan area for over 40 years. This site is a collection of clock repairs performed thru the years.  The intent is to provide a detailed perspective of what constitutes a complete clock rebuild.  Most major repairs are documented on this site.  These blogs are also used to let the customer know in detail what was repaired.  This is a valuable tool in explaining the intricacies of a repair by providing pictures and video along with a text explanation.

Service area includes Parker, Castle Rock, Aurora, Littleton, Lone Tree, and the surrounding areas. We do house calls!

Specializing in:
Early American, German, and English clocks (Hour & 1/2 hour strike clocks)
Cuckoo clocks (both 1, 2, & 3 weight)
400 day/Anniversary clocks
Grandfather clocks (Certified Howard Miller & Ridgway service center)

Tall clocks, Shelf clocks, Wall regulators, School clocks, American banjos, Mantle clocks, Advertising, Animated, Anniversary, Banjo Beehive, Black Ma…

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Damaged in Cross Country Move

This post is Howard Miller Grandfather Clock model 610-481.  This clock was shipped cross country and was badly damaged.  This clock is approximately 30 years old.  It is a nice clock with a Urgos triple chime movement with moon dial, beveled glass and two door access.  Here is a picture of the label.

The following pictures and text define what problems were found.

Here is the clock at its current location.  Notice the door frame is 1/2 gone.  The glass did not break which is a miracle in itself.  The door frame was removed and will be rebuilt.
The next 2 images shows that there was some major strain on the front of the clock.  Not knowing what happened it appears that the clock fell on its back.  Notice the face and mechanism of the clock is in the proper position on the left side of the case but on the right side, it is pushed in.  The lines below shows the angle of the alignment.  Here is another picture of the mechanism pushed to one side.  This could only be caused by the clock f…

German Mantle Clock

In for repair is a German mantle clock.  Here is a picture of the clock as it came into the shop:

Picture of the front

And the back
The maker's mark is circled.  The maker was not identified.  It is a shame because the movement was of good quality
As you can see it is a nice movement.  The strike is a rack and snail.  All the levers, wheels, and bridges are well made and solid..  The arrow shows the very cool design on the plates.

The pivot holes were tested and marked there were 12 pivot holes rebuilt.  Here is a short video showing the result of a completed bushing repair.  
Mainsprings were removed from the barrels and cleaned
All clicks, pinions, wheel teeth, springs are checked. After the rebuilding work has been completed, the movement is ultrasonically cleaned.  The pivot holes are pegged with pegwood, clicks and click springs are checked.  The clock is assembled, adjusted, and run on the test stand.
The clock has passed all testing and has been put into the case.  Here is …

E Howard Tower Clock South High School - Denver Colorado

E Howard Time only Tower Clock

South High School in Denver Colorado has one of the few functioning tower clocks in Colorado.  This clock is an E. Howard from Boston Mass.  This clock was overhauled over 5 years ago by a group from the NAWCC Chapter 21.  I was a member of this group.   It was a privilege to work on this clock.

The South High School Alumni Association contracted with me to be the caretaker of this clock.   Periodic oiling and general maintenance is performed at least 2 times per year.

I want to share some picture of this clock along with a couple videos.

Follow this link for a short video of the entire clock including turrets, movement, & platform ->
link.  A closer look is a video of the escapement ->  link

Kienzel German Wall Clock

In for repair is a Kienzel wall clock.  Upon initial inspection, the clock was missing side glass and would not run.  Further inspection after disassembly showed one of the mainsprings broke at one time and a repair was attempted.  More details below:

The side glass was replaced.  The glass used was single pane glass, custom cut.
The minute hand with the center bushing missing:
The minute hand attaches to the steel post not the brass canon pinion as shown below:
Some parts can be purchased and some parts can't.  This is one that cannot.  A new bushing was turned and installed.  The following images describe the process:
The brass rod used to fabricate the bushing.
Machining the bushing
The finished product, top & bottom

Here is the image of the hands attached to the clock movement 

Once the movement was disassembled, it was discovered that the mainspring was broken and riveted back together.  The only solution here is to replace the mainspring.  Fortunately, mainsprings are p…

Waterbury Regulator

Waterbury Regulator Clock

In for repair is a Waterbury regulator clock.  Here is a picture of the clock as it was brought into the shop.  This is a nice looking single train timepiece.  This is a timepiece because it does not play a tune nor strike the hour or 1/2 hour.
Notice the mainspring hanging out the bottom of the face.  The customer stated that winding the clock there is no tension on the wind and the spring is not building tension.  
This could be 4 things:
1) The click is damaged or broken. 2) The click spring is damaged or broken and causing the click to not engage with the click wheel. 3) The mainspring is broken. 4) The mainspring end(s) have disengaged from the barrel post.
Here is the clock with the face and hands removed.  The movement and case are probably a marriage for a couple of reasons:
1) There are two sets of movement support holes. 
2) The case looks more like a turn of the century case but he movement says WWII vintage. 

I will fill the screw holes and add 2…

Teller House Floor Clock

The Teller House Floor Clock in Central City Colorado 

Repairing clocks sometimes become tedious at times.  There are times that clock repair becomes an inspiration.  This is one of those times.  I had the privilege to work on a floor clock at the Teller House Hotel in Central City Colorado.  I did not do this alone.  I worked with a team from the NAWCC local Chapter 21.  It was a chapter project.  Organized by Randy Schneider.  It is an honor to work on clocks of this type.

The clock is an American Renaissance Walnut and Burl Tall case regulator clock made about 1870.  Made by C.A. Jones Company Courtland St., New York.  The clock was brought to Colorado via Ox cart by Hense & Gottesleben watchmakers and jewelers they had stores in both Denver and Central City.  The clock was on display at their Denver location.   The Kirschhof family obtained the clock and in time donating it to the Teller House about the 1930s.

The clock stands 11’3” tall and is 3’ 8” wide.  A beautiful and ele…