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Yes we do Quartz/Battery Movement Replacements

Yes we do Quartz/Battery Movement Replacements! We do everything from time only small wall and desk clocks to large 2-3 foot wall clocks.  With pendulum and/or music. Today we have a "Horse Clock".  This is a unique clock in that it is completely porsilian.  The original movement runs on AC power.  The customer wanted to hang the clock on the wall without the wire showing.  He wanted a battery clock. No Problem Here is the clock front and back as it came into the shop    Here is the clock after a new movement has been installed. The case is always cleaned or wiped down and all movement replacements come with a fresh battery.  The general turnaround time is no later than 2 days with the exception if the movement is not in inventory, it would have to be ordered.  This does take a few days. Follow this link for my general clock repair estimates.