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Victor Talking Machine (Victrola)

In for repair is a Victrola tabletop model VV-IV serial 302,899E .  According to the serial number, this unit was made in 1917 during the Great War (WWI).  More information about the Victrola company . More than 8,000,000 Victors and Victrolas were produced between 1906 and 1929, and it has been estimated (based on a statistical analysis of surviving examples) that well over 600,000 are still around in 2020. The motor on this unit is a single spring motor.  Other floor models had a longer running time and had a 2 spring motor.  This tabletop model was very popular in its day and sold for $15-$25.  The case is solid oak.  All in all the unit was is rather good shape for 100+ years old although there is significant rust on the steal trim, record table, and crank and the felt record table is badly damaged but original. Below is an image of the unit as it was delivered: This “Victor Talking Machine” had to be made immediately after WWI.  During the war, there were no wooden flaps and the w