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Seth Thomas 89 movement with a 4 1/2 inch pendulum

In for repair is a Seth Thomas 89 movement.  Follow  this link for a general history of the Seth Thomas Clock Company.   To properly repair this movement requires specialized tools to disassemble, repair bushings, polish pivots, and in this case rebuild a complete pivot.  More on this later. Here is the movement as it was received: Front Back Notice the bell and strike hammer are missing The mainsprings were clamped so the power is taken off the gearing.  This is done for easy disassemble and to accurately ascertain the condition of the pivot holes. Here is a short video showing how much wear was in the pivot holes . These next two images are again the front and back of the movement.  There are 14 pivot holes that were sloppy and egg shaped that are in need of repair (bushings).  The holes have been marked with a RED marker. Diagnosing a repair with the movement together shows almost everything that could be wrong with the clock.  Every once in a wh