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Unique Grandfather Clock with Urgos Triple Chime movement

In for repair is a German grandfather clock with an Urgos triple chime movement. The picture is rather dark but you can get an idea what the clock looks like.  As mentioned, it is a unique handmade case with a German Urgos movement .  The movement model number is UW03012B.  It is a chain driven triple chime movement.  This is one of those older modern clocks with a deep rich beautiful chime. The arrow above brings your attention to the front glass.  The glass has been broken.  The frame was removed and taken to my glass guy who custom cut a new piece of glass.  A little tricky because of the curved shape of the glass. The image below shows the door before repair.  The tape and cardboard kept the glass secure so it would not fracture. These two images show the replaced glass and the cord used to secure the glass within the frame. Large staples were used to secure the cord to the frame which in turn, secured the glass. and a closer look at the cord Floor clocks

How to Adjust your Grandfather Clock to Keep Good Time

The pendulum length dictates how fast or how slow your grandfather clock will keep proper time. If you take time to adjust it properly, your grandfather clock can keep exceptionally good time. §   The longer you make the pendulum, the slower your clock will run. §   The shorter you make the pendulum, the faster your clock will run. Adjusting the speed of the clock is accomplished by moving the pendulum disk (bob) up to speed it up or down to slow it down.   The pendulum disk is moved up or down by turning the adjustment nut.   Process: 1) Start by seeing exactly how far off the time is over a 24 hour period. Set the grandfather clock correctly by using your cell phone. Watch your cell phone time as soon as it advances to the next minute on whatever hour it is on, set the minute hand on the grandfather clock to that location. The grandfather clock pendulum adjustment is done by turning the nut at the bottom up to speed up the grandfather clock or down to slow the grand