New Haven "Author" Mantle Clock

Here is a New Haven "Author" mantle clock in for repair.  New Haven manufacturing history goes back over 170 years.  Follow this link for more information. This particular clock dates back a little before 1930.

Here is a picture of the clock as it was delivered.  Notice the face (#9) is damaged.  The face plate has come loose from the metal base.  There is no bezel or glass.  The case is very dry.  A new bezel with glass will be located and attached.  The back plate holding the face will be reattached.  The face will be replaced with a new paper dial.  The clock movement is dirty, dry, & needing pivot hole rebuild.  When this clock is complete, it should look like a much different clock.

On the underside of the case there is a label in very good condition.  The model of this clock is the "Author"

Another angle of the face

A little dusty.  Notice the floor of the case.  The dust is very thick.

The New Haven Logo

The mechanism out of the case waiting to be disassembled

The mechanism was completely disassembled.  10 pivot holes were worn and rebuilt.  4 pivots were damaged needing polishing.  The winding clicks were good, The mainspring had some bad residue sticking to it.  Steel wool was used to remove this residue.  The mainspring was then stretched to regain some of it's elasticity.  

After all the repairs were made to the clock,  All the pieces and parts were ultrasonically cleaned in hi-grade clock cleaner.  There are many pieces and parts to a clock mechanism.  The image below depicks this.  Notice how shinny everything is.

The mechanism is then put back together.  This image shows all the wheels and levers put back in place waiting for the top plate to be installed

Finally back together.  Follow this link to see the clock running.

While the mechanism is being tested the case is undergoing repair.  This image shows the case with the chime rod and bezel and face removed.

Another view.  Notice how dry the wood appears

The face and brass ring was missing the bezel.  A new bezel was located, modified, and soldered  to the brass ring.  This image shows this repair.  The image also shows the replacement paper face next to the original.  The paper face had to be custom cut to the size of the ring and the winding, hand, and regulation adjustment holes.  The original grommets were taken from the face and reinstalled using the new face.

Original glass was reinstalled into the bezel.  Brass tabs were soldered into the bezel to hold the glass in place.  The image below shows the cleaned, tested, oiled, and adjusted clock mechanism in the case.

And a picture of the movement in the case with replacement pendulum ball and gong attached.  The pendulum ball was missing a replacement pendulum ball was located and is now part of the clock.

The finished product is displayed below

Clock with the bezel open

Ready to go back to the owner