Gustov Becker - Delft Blue Holland Wall Clock

In for repair is a Gustov Becker Blue Delft Holland wall clock.  The movement is stamped with the Gustov Becker stamp marked Germany, this clock is an early 1900’s (1910) 8 day clock  movement.  The face depicts a native Holland scene in a Delft blue and white decoration. I believe this movement is slightly older than the early 1900's.  Notice there are no screws holding the plates together.  Only taper pins.

More information about Gustov Eduard Becker.  His clock company.

This image shows the movement removed from the case.

Follow the arrows, the mainspring is removed.  It is easy to see the damaged click and the solder repair of the winding arbor and wheel.  This is not a good repair but is solid so the decision was to leave this repair intact. The mainspring let go because the click did not hold.  This could have caused even more damage to the movement.  This movement was lucky that no other wheels of the movement were damaged.  The image below shows the damaged click.  This click keeps the mainspring from unwinding after it has been wound.  The click spring (the black lever on top of the click) keeps pressure on the click so it always is engaged in the click wheel teeth. 

A closer look at the original click and click spring.  This is not original. 

The replacement click.  Much more robust.  As can be seen below.  There are many holes in the wheel.  These holes were to fasten previous click springs, clicks, etc to repair the winding problem.  As mentioned before, this movement has had a few winding problems in the past. 

Cleaned movement after repairs

Another repair by a previous repairmen.  
Note the different length pin pallets.  This is not standard but works.

The face was cleaned front and back.
The movement was put back together and tested.  All looks good.

A short video of the clock ticking away.