Russian Ships Clock

Russian Marine Clock

In for repair is a Russian Marine Clock. 

The clock would not run, initial observation showed the clock mainspring was completely wound up.  The next thing checked was the platform escapement.  The balance seemed undamaged and free.  It was not overbanked.  The next thing checked was dirt and grime around all the wheel pivot points.  Everything looked OK.  Checking pivot holes, they seemed dry.

The clock movement was oiled with high-grade clock oil and hi-grade watch oil on the escapement.  The clock took off.

Russian Marine clock running with balance spinning: Click Here
Here is a video of the balanced slowed down so the balance wheel can be seen: Click Here
Side view of the clock movement:
This clock has some characteristics of a carriage clock.  Most carriage clocks have a crown wheel that connects to the platform hairspring escapement.
This clock does appear to be a commercial replica.  These two images show numerical stamp of the serial number (4177) and  possible born date  "3 95" (March 1995):


Here is more information from the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Inc.  The information is from a forum on the site:

I hope this is enough information to better understand your clock.  Everything you have told me is consistent with what was posted on the NAWCC site.