Victrola - Antique Record Player Repair

Antique mechanical record players have similar characteristics to antique clocks.  They have gears, springs, governors, etc.  This unique repair came into the shop the other day.  The customer reported the governor of his Victrola was broken.  Upon partial dis-assembly the governor was "Repaired" at one time.  Here is a picture of the Victrola.  

The customer was correct.  The balance/governor was broken.  An old mainspring of the same strength and width was used to repair the governor.  The mechanism was disassembled and cleaned. 

The mainsprings were very large for my Keystone mainspring winder.  Carefully I removed the spring cleaned them and reinstalled.  The winder was a little small for the process but with care I was able to complete the job.

Here are some pictures of the process, Enjoy.

This image shows the balance in the mechanism.  How this works is the "ball set" spins.  The faster the set spins the more the balls expand, hence slowing the speed.  This acts as a speed regulator.

This image shows the broken piece.  Notice the adhesive that was used in a previous repair.

This image shows the mainspring used as material to repair the regulator.

The original balance in pieces.  Note the patch material on the end of one end of the spring.

The new material laying next to the original/broken piece

Partially assembled


The finished product, follow this link to see the motor running after the repair: