Ingraham Mantle Clock

Here we have an Ingraham mantle clock.  This clock wanted to run when it was brought into the shop.  But it could not.  Removing the movement from the case showed that it was very dry.  It has not run in a very long time.  The movement was not too dirty but showed significant wear.

The picture below shows the movement apart with the worn pivot holes marked.

This image shows 14 pivot holes needing rebuilding.

Here is the movement cleaned and ready for assembly.

Once the clock has been assembled.  I run the movement outside of the case to make sure the movement is performing as it was designed.  Here is a short video of the movement running.  As you can see the motion (pendulum swing) is very good.  

Here is a picture after the case has been oiled.The case was wiped with a moist cloth before wood oil was applied.  The cloth was full on what looked like brown "yuck".  This "yuck" is a result of cigarette smoke.

(show completed clock in video ticking and striking)

This clock is over 150 years old.  To find out more about dating Ingraham clocks check out this link for Dating Ingraham Clocks  An interesting history of this company can be found here.  Unfortunately, these clock do not bring much of a price on eBay or other auction houses.  This clock sells for about $50.  There is so much history in these clocks they should be worth a lot more.  Many people have these clocks that have sentimental value.  These clocks were in high use during the boom years of mechanical clocks in the 1920 thru 1960.

The movement was installed into the case.  Before that a missing screw was replaced and the leather for the strike hammer was replaced.  The clock has a very nice quite strike, very soothing.  Here is a short video of the hour strike

The clock is complete, a job well done.