German Wall Clock

In for repair is a German wall clock movement only.  The time side runs but the strike train gets hung up because of bent trundle wires on the 3rd wheel lantern pinion.  This image shows the bent trundles:
There were 3 bent trundles.  To repair this, the top shroud had to be lifted to remove the trundles in question.  Here is a picture of the wheel in the split stake tool.
Tapping the shoulder of the arbor causes the shroud to lift, creating space for the trundles to be removed. 
Here are the bent trundles removed.
And the trundles after straightening.  Notice the size of these wires.
The repaired lantern pinion.
This picture was taken before the wheel was ultrasonically cleaned.

This picture above is of the back of the movement. 6 pivot holes were warn oblong and new bushing installed. All the pivots were tested and polished where needed.  After all work was done to the movement, all the movement parts were ultrasonically cleaned with hi-grade clock cleaning solution.  Pivots were again cleaned with pegwood.  Mainsprings were removed from the barrel.  Steal wool was used to clean any debris from the springs.  The springs were stretched to rejuvenate their strength. Clicks and click springs were examined and tested.  Both looks great.
Above is an image of the movement running on the test stand.  This video demonstrates the strike train running very smoothly after the lantern pinion was repaired.
And the finished product. Not a very clean picture but a handsome clock indeed.