New England GrandFather Clock

In for repair is a New England Company grandfather clock.  This clock is a German bin ban style striking clock.  It does not play one of the many standard chime clock melodies.  The movement is a Urgos movement.  Two weight chain movement.

The unique feature of this grandfather clock is that the case comes apart into 3 pieces.  The top section houses the clock movement.  The next section is the throat where the weights are located.  The bottom section is basically the base that gives it height.  To properly repair this clock the top section was obtained along with the 2 weights and the pendulum. 

Follow this link for a brief history of the New England Clock Company.

The customer stated the clock would not run.  Upon removal of the movement, it was found that there was excess wear in many of the pivot holes.  It was recently oiled.  A little too much oil was applied.  The repair of this movement included a complete rebuild of 10 pivot holes with bushings, pivots checked and polished where needed.  A number of other items were checked while the clock was apart.

Here are two pictures of the movement before disassembly but after pivot diagnosis.
Here is an image of the clock torn apart with each train lined up by function and position.  This was taken before the clock was repaired.
After all the repairs have been made.  The clock was put back together.