Teller House Floor Clock

The Teller House Floor Clock in Central City Colorado 

Repairing clocks sometimes become tedious at times.  There are times that clock repair becomes an inspiration.  This is one of those times.  I had the privilege to work on a floor clock at the Teller House Hotel in Central City Colorado.  I did not do this alone.  I worked with a team from the NAWCC local Chapter 21.  It was a chapter project.  Organized by Randy Schneider.  It is an honor to work on clocks of this type.

The clock is an American Renaissance Walnut and Burl Tall case regulator clock made about 1870.  Made by C.A. Jones Company Courtland St., New York.  The clock was brought to Colorado via Ox cart by Hense & Gottesleben watchmakers and jewelers they had stores in both Denver and Central City.  The clock was on display at their Denver location.   The Kirschhof family obtained the clock and in time donating it to the Teller House about the 1930s.

The clock stands 11’3” tall and is 3’ 8” wide.  A beautiful and elegant clock.

Below are pictures of the project.
 Beautiful location

The face.  There is a seconds indicator, hours indicator, and minute indicator

A view from further back.  Notice the statue, stairway, and red-red carpet and wall paper.  This makes for a elegant display

The clock movement.  Notice the very thick screws holding the clock together, thick plates, and bridges for each of the wheel mounting.  This clock had jewels in the escape wheel and the 4th wheel
 and inlaid jewels in the pallets. Notice how large the movement is by the reference of the fingers in the picture

This picture shows the clock out of the case.  The plates you see slide around both plates to keep dust and dirt from entering the wheel chamber.

A beautiful mercury pendulum

Your's truly, Randy Schneider, and Chuck Daldry working on the movement.  There was a large mirror that we were working on the movement.  The picture is taken of the mirror and we are in the reflection.

Regulation nut on the pendulum

Side view of the movement

For those who are interested in the bar area of the Tabor House.  Here are a few pictures:

The bar area had some real nice Frescos.  These look 3D but are just paintings

Another view of the Frescos

The famous girl on the floor