German Mantle Clock

In for repair is a German mantle clock.  Here is a picture of the clock as it came into the shop:

Picture of the front

And the back

The maker's mark is circled.  The maker was not identified.  It is a shame because the movement was of good quality

As you can see it is a nice movement.  The strike is a rack and snail.  All the levers, wheels, and bridges are well made and solid..  The arrow shows the very cool design on the plates.

The pivot holes were tested and marked there were 12 pivot holes rebuilt.  Here is a short video showing the result of a completed bushing repair.  

Mainsprings were removed from the barrels and cleaned

All clicks, pinions, wheel teeth, springs are checked. After the rebuilding work has been completed, the movement is ultrasonically cleaned.  The pivot holes are pegged with pegwood, clicks and click springs are checked.  The clock is assembled, adjusted, and run on the test stand.

The clock has passed all testing and has been put into the case.  Here is a video showing the pendulum movement and a sample of the hammer strike.