Gustav Becker Wall Clock Time & Strike Movement

In for repair is a Gustav Becker wall clock.

This particular Gustav Becker was made in Silesia Poland as can be identified by the stamp on the back plate of the movement. 

For more information about Gustav Becker Clocks follow this link more information about Gustav can be found by this 2nd link.

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A very nice looking clock.  The customer reported that the hour hand was loose, the clock was not striking the hour or half hour, and was not keeping very good time.  The clock was placed on the wall and tested to verify the customer's observations.  Sure enough 100% accurate!

Upon further inspection, i.e. removing the clock movement from the case found that the movement was very dirty and has been repaired before.  The previous repair consisted of rebuilding worn pivot holes.  There were 14 of them.  Inspecting these holes revealed that there was slight wear but in general very good.

A couple images of the front and back plates

And a closer look of the plates with the wheels removed.
Looking closer the build  up dirt can be seen

Here is an image with the movement apart and before cleaning

and here is the movement after ultrasonically cleaned.  In this image, the mainsprings have already been placed in the barrels.  A special tool is used to insert the springs into the barrels without bending them out of  round, i.e. "coneing".  It does look much cleaner and shinny!

The next step is to assemble the movement.  This image shows the wheels and levers in place and before the top plate is placed

While the movement is being tested, the case is being refreshed.  This next image shows some of the dirt and dust on the top of the case.

.The case was cleaned and oiled.  The glass was also cleaned

The gong was made by "Gloria".  Not much information was found about this company.  The rich sound of this gong is consistent with Gustav Becker clocks and other german clocks of this era.

When the case and glass has been cleaned and oiled and the movement has passed its quality control testing, the movement is then placed back into the case.  

The hour hand bushing was loose and was adjusted.  The clock will run and the speed of the clock will be tested.  If the clock runs too fast the pendulum will be adjusted long and visa versa.  More information on regulating pendulum clocks can be found at Regulating a Pendulum Clock.

The completed clock, ready to go back to it's owner.