Howard Miller Table Clock

In for repair is a Howard Miller Coffee table clock model number 612-680 serial number 51930327 born date approximately 1980.  This clock arrived in rough condition but very repairable.  New this clock sold for about $500.  Wood frame in the original Natural Oak finish.  The overall diameter is 42.75" and the height 16.5".  The glass top is a 6mm glass. The base of the legs have a brass tipped wrap.

The finished product along with other Howard Miller clocks

An image of the label

A picture of the clock as it came into the shop.  Hands not attached, the wood frame is very dry and dirty.  There is a "white" scratch on the side of the frame.  The quartz movements underneath the face are loose and appear not to run.  These were replaced.  The case was oiled and 2 of the legs were loose and tightened.

Another closeup picture of the wood

Here is the scratch

After the scratch repair.  Where did it go?

Completed clock

Another view of the completed clock. Very nice!

Another clock back to it's owner!